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Eugene Training VR Island - Eugene Training

Eugene Training VR Island

Take a class in VR

There are different physical or digital media in which artistic expressions can be presented. We can use a physical space, we can make a video and show it on a platform such as YouTube, on a website or on television. Showing an artistic expression in a digital world called virtual reality, presents different artists with new tools and possibilities to explore that may be different from another media. Now, if in this virtual world we can modify it whenever a new proposal is presented, this will give us more possibilities of expression.

Visit the ET Island

To visit the island you have to create a free account on kitely.com, then you have to download a software that is a viewer and then you are ready to take virtual classes.

Is not difficult and here you can read the instruction and contact me if you need help.

Kitely provides OpenSim-based virtual worlds and is the best choice for hosting OpenSim virtual worlds, home to many artists, educators, and business owners.

Visit https://www.kitely.com and create a free account.

Go to https://www.firestormviewer.org and download the viewer, double check you download the For SL & Opensim version, not just the SL only.

Step by step

Going to this link you can read the step by step guide to use firestorm with Kitely

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