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Photomontage using Adobe Photoshop

In this course, there will be 6 videos explaining each step of the process. Each video will meet each of the objectives designed for this course.
• In the first part of the class, students will watch a video that shows how to work with concepts of communication and creativity. At the end of the video, students will have to come up with a concept for their work. This unit helps to meet and assess the number one goal of applying a central creative concept to production.
• In a second video, students will learn color theory, color grading and handling of color themes. They will learn to apply a color theme and color grading to the composition of the image.
• In a third video, students will learn to apply the color correction tools.
• In a fourth video, students will learn to retouch images using at least 3 tools in Adobe Photoshop.
• In a fifth video, students will follow an exercise in which they will create a photomontage following the instructions. After finishing the video, students will have to create their own photomontage. They will be able to watch the video again to follow the steps. Students must create a photomontage with at least 5 layers in Photoshop.
• Once the photomontage is finished, students will watch a video that discusses different cases on how to improve lighting and give consistency to the light source in a photomontage. Students will be able to adjust lights and shadows in their own photomontage.



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Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Students will be able to:
1 Come up with a creative central concept for their project
2 Apply a color theme and color grading to the composition of the image
3 Make color corrections using at least 3 tools in Adobe Photoshop
4 Retouch images using at least 3 tools in Adobe Photoshop
5 Create a photomontage with at least 5 layers in Photoshop
6 Adjust the lights and shadows to make them consistent with the light source used on the photomontage

Material provided for students


Pre-recorded videos will be used that teaches from understanding the technologies to the use of the software. Each video includes captions to include those who learn best by reading instead of listening.


These include multimodal texts and teach the same subjects as the video but with text and infographics. These guides will be delivered in PDF format and there will also be an online version available on the same website of the course. With this, by providing accessibility to everyone, the instructor can deliver information in different formats for a better learning experience.

Live session

After the class, students have the opportunity to interact with the trainer in a live session for Q&A. Students can ask questions using a microphone or they can also write the questions in a chat mode window. The session will be recorded for later reference.

Students will have to perform the following tasks. They will receive an email with the information to access the class.

  1. Access the website of the online instruction and login for the course
  2. Watch the video or read the guide and follow the steps for installing Zoom
  3. Install the Zoom software following the steps described
  4. Joining the Meeting or Webinar: Students will receive an email with a link to join the meeting using Zoom. An option Join from your Browser may appear automatically.


There will be a forum for discussions and collaboration with other students. It will also include FAQ so that students can access the most frequently asked questions and links for new information.

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