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I am glad you are interested on the Digital Photography course. I created this course with different learning paths and you can take this class in two ways, the first one is watching the videos on demand and the second one is using virtual reality in a live class.

Watching videos: Whit the videos you can take the class any time, and you will learn how to use the camera in manual mode and if you have questions you have the option to connect live in a Q&As session after the class or you can ask questions on the forums here.

Virtual Reality: This is an immersive way to take this class, if you don’t have the time or you are far from any photography school,  virtual reality is a great option to take classes and the advantage is the class is live and you can ask questions during the class. You don’t have to use a headset or googles, you just need a computer and download the viewer software to connect to the virtual world.

Virtual Reality for Education and Photography classes:

The widespread use of technologies and its tools has allowed for changes in the paradigm of education and the way to teach, taking into account important transformational possibilities in new learning contexts and new pedagogical models.
3D virtual worlds are an emerging technology that is presented in an attractive way for young people, they are easy to access and easy to use, so they have intrinsic characteristics that make them useful in the university education of these young people and can facilitate the development of the university curriculum as well as the assessment process. It can also be an adequate motivation strategy for university students while at the same time encourages autonomous learning.

Are virtual worlds a space with real possibilities to teach Digital Photography?

If you want to study online, and you can’t take presents classes, the virtual world is an excellent option for better immersion,  and you can use your computer to interact with your classmates and the trainer.

You will learn all the steps to go inside the virtual world and start learning in this great experience! If you want to learn more about the Eugene Training Island, please watch this video

What you will learn inside the virtual space

How to be a better photographer, learning in Kitely Island

Students will learn how to use any camera to take better pictures. They will learn different light setups and composition.

Module activities:

Unit 1: How to Enter Kitely Virtual Worlds
To visit the island you have to create a free account on, then you have to download a software that is a viewer and then you are ready to take virtual classes. Is not difficult and here you can read the instruction and contact me if you need help. in the first Unit, you can learn those steps

Unit 2: In this Unit, you have to watch the video training and information on how to use Kitely. Basic information on creating an avatar and moving around in the environment will be a requirement prior to coming to the first session of the course. As soon as you start the class you will get the information needed to enter the correct destination with a link for class sessions.

Unit 3: A first formal meeting in Kitely. This meeting will be used to go over the objectives of this module. In addition, this session will be used to review helpful tips in Kitely and to address any challenges that might be occurring for the students. This meeting will be used for information and to be sure everyone feels comfortable in the class area. Students will be asked to introduce themselves by filling out the student profile information with the avatar image, the experience they have had working with any Graphic Design tools and what are their goals in taking this class.

Unit 4: A second formal meeting in Kitely. At this meeting, the instructor will demonstrate in session how to use the camera for better photographic compositions using elements in the virtual world.

Unit 5: Assignment. Supplemental information on the topics reviewed. A task will be created for each student to create a particular composition applying the topics learned.

The learning assessment will be done by tasks that will be defined in the module.

Students will have time to feel more comfortable with the use of the virtual platform, the instructor will assist in any question or frustration with the commands.

  • This first meeting will provide information to the instructor about students’ previous knowledge.
  • Between the first and second meeting, students will have the opportunity to think about the concepts delivered in classes and thus be able to think about the questions they can ask for the second meeting.
  • The second meeting is the main event in which students can learn the concepts taught and perform the tasks together with the instructor in a scaffolding method. Based on how independent the students can be, the instructor will be able to assess if the virtual platform is a good element to show this practical instruction.

To start the class, you have to go to the first Unit,
See you inside!

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