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In this class, you can learn to develop and apply augmented reality easily, without having to learn code.

There are several platforms to create AR, and each one of these is good in one specific area. There are applications that are good in facial recognition, in 3D animations for objects, others in Android platform, IOS etc. This is why it is necessary to investigate the capabilities of several platforms that offer the different augmented reality application options.
In this classes we are going to design an art project with different AR tools and then you are going to present your project. This is an example to show the possibilities of these tools, and to present which of them to choose according to the requirements of each augmented reality project.

Learn how you can use a AR app

Spark AR: the Facebook option for face recognition

With Spark AR you can create augmented reality experiences with or without code and you can display this content using the Facebook camera. The interface is simple and easy, and you have the option to create a face, a hand or a plane tracker for your AR projects using the front and back camera of your device

Spark AR Studio is available for Mac and PC and the player is for IOS and Android

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Vectary: Great and simple option for iOS

Web based and powerful tool to create 3D elements

With this tool you can Create FB 3D post, Snapchat lens with 3D objects, and embed 3D models on your website. Also with Vectary you can create USDZ files to display AR online.

In addition you can export or embed 3d elements on a website in a very easy way.

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Brio VR: Powerful tool with animations

With a simple interface and powerful options, is based on web and you can create 3D elements for AR and VR.

With this tool you can add interactivity and animations, 

Scenes can be created via a simple drag-and-drop workflow, using a library of objects, including text elements, geometric primitives and a ‘treasure box’ of over 100 low-poly assets.

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Present your project in the EugeneTraning VR Island

This island seeks to gather in one space, people who want to learn, exhibit and also receive feedback on their work. To learn they will have options to watch videos or participate in online classes.

In this page, you can learn how you can install a VR viewer to visit the island.

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